TOP 10 moments of 2023 in AI

A round up of the top 10 events that defined 2023 in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

A Landmark Year for AI

  • Host: Emanuel Turlay,
  • Overview: Recap of the major AI events of 2023

10. Google's Gemini Launch: A Controversial Debut

  • Date: December 6
  • Details: Launch of Gemini by Google, controversies over doctored marketing videos
  • Impact: Questionable credibility and competition with OpenAI, Meta, Microsoft

9. Databricks Acquires MosaicML: A Major AI Acquisition

  • Date: July 19
  • Details: Acquisition of MosaicML by Databricks for $1.3 billion
  • Significance: First successful exit for an early-stage AI-native company

8. Mistral AI and the Mistral 7B Model: A Newcomer in AI

  • Background: French company Mistral AI emergence before summer
  • Highlights: Release of Mistral 7B, an open-source model; recent $400 million funding
  • Insights: Open-source AI approach and the success of small-scale models

7. The Rise of Local AI Communities

  • Focus: Small models and local AI development
  • Tools: Llama.CPP, Ollama, r/LocalLlama subreddit
  • Importance: Shift towards small models and independence from closed-source AI APIs

6. Microsoft's Strategic Investment in OpenAI

  • Date: January 23
  • Details: Microsoft's $10 billion investment in OpenAI
  • Consequences: Microsoft's strengthened position in AI, OpenAI's resource boost

5. Biden's Executive Order on AI Regulation

  • Date: October 30
  • Content: Guidelines for safe, secure, and trustworthy AI
  • Reception: Generally positive, balancing innovation and regulation

4. Meta Releases Lama 2

  • Date: July 18
  • Details: Release of Llama 2 in various sizes, open-source availability
  • Impact: Meta's solidification as a key player in open-source AI

3. Nvidia's Stock Rally and AI Market Influence

  • Date: May 24
  • Event: Announcement of Nvidia's Q1 earnings and subsequent stock surge
  • Analysis: Nvidia's pivotal role in AI hardware, ongoing GPU shortage

2. Turbulence at OpenAI: Sam Altman's Brief Exit

  • Timeframe: Thanksgiving week
  • Events: Sam Altman's firing and rehiring at OpenAI and Microsoft
  • Implications: OpenAI's internal challenges and industry reputation

1. The Release of GPT-4: A Defining Moment in AI

  • Date: March 14
  • Highlights: Launch of GPT-4, significant performance improvements
  • Dominance: OpenAI's leadership in AI, anticipation for GPT-5
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